Coming Home from a Trip to Europe

Coming Home from a Trip to Europe

I’ve been feeling very foggy lately. I can’t think of a better way to describe it. I just went on a trip to Budapest and Vienna recently and while I had very minor jetlag upon returning home, I’ve been feeling more of an overall disorientation getting back into blogging, work, and seeing friends.


This trip was very short- only 8 days. But I’ve very much become a creature of habit, so when my habits are disrupted, I feel this sort of behavioral hangover. It’s a strange feeling. (Pictured above is my new Away bag, which I’ll be reviewing in a subsequent post) 🙂

But! I’m trying to look on the positive side! I had an amazing week-long getaway to two incredible cities, two places which I feel like I am richer for having experienced.




I was lucky enough to spend time in these beautiful places with my best friend who lives in Colorado, accompanied by her family and friends. It was full of hearty laughs, delicious food, and sunny strolls (for some of us) to and from museums and points of interest.



This definitely wasn’t a vacation where you’d be sitting on a beach sipping a pina colada- this was full of exploring, walking, hiking, and trekking all over Budapest and Vienna. I think that was one of the main points of differentiation for the group—some of us wanted to relax, while others wanted to explore.

My favorite site/sight overall was the Albertina museum in Vienna. It was right across the street from our hotel, the Guest House, and held so many pieces that I felt spoke to the many different tastes I have (tastes which sometimes feel contradictory to one another).






More on this trip to come soon! Does anyone have any fun travel plans coming up? Or any cool suggestions for where to go next?

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